Cala Xarraca: An Aesthetic Paradise

Secluded, Quiet, Calm; just a few words that describe this beach

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Cala Xarraca: An Aesthetic Paradise
This beach is perfect if you’re looking to explore some of Ibiza’s coast. Located in the north of Ibiza, Cala Xarraca is a small cove, surrounded by cliffs, with easy access to the ocean.


Ibiza has tons of beaches so you really have an endless list of places to go, but we recommend making sure you visit Cala Xarraca, because it’s quaint, peaceful and absolutely stunning! Many probably haven’t heard of this beach either, so you’re likely not to have to search for a place to lay down, with the crowd mainly consisting of locals and secret ibiza readers who know how to find their way around Ibiza!

No, the sand isn’t completely smooth, there’s definitely some rocks as you get closer to the water, but that’s normal around the coast and it’s all part of the charm of a small beach! The water is crystal clear (as you’ll find in Ibiza) but also a unique turqoise colour that’s harder to come by elsewhere.

Getting there

Very easy, just refer to google maps and have a look at our Ibiza Basics article for tips about navigating around the island.


Lucky for you, there’s a restaurant that’s just next to the beach which lets you continue to sit by the water and enjoy the sun while you eat or drink! The restaurant is very simple, nothing fancy, a typical sea-side spot that’s perfect in the summertime.


No water sports available, but it’s a great place for snorkelling so bring your goggles! You can also get deckchairs from the restaurant if you’re looking for more than a towel!


Secret Ibiza Tip

This beach is already quite a well kept secret, but what even fewer know is that there’s a tinier sister beach that’s just down some steps from Cala Xarracca. Check it out for a secluded and gorgeous view!

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