Discover the origins of Paella and where to enjoy the best in Ibiza


Discover the origins of Paella and where to enjoy the best in Ibiza
At the very moment that you arrive in Spain, thousands of paellas are bubbling on the fire, cooked by undisputed paella specialists or, ‘paelleros’ in Spanish.

Each one has their unique, (not so secret) recipe, there are as many variations as you can imagine. But of course, no matter what, they all consider their own as “the best”.

Paella is one of the most popular dishes in Spain. Originally from Valencia—one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean and one of the biggest rice producers in the country—it was introduced by the Moors more than 1200 years ago.

Authentic and delicious, its origins are quite humble. Farmers used to cook paella over a wood fire for lunch. It was made of rice, and whatever they could find around the countryside: vegetables like onions and tomatoes, snails, chicken, rabbit, beans, plus a touch of saffron, which adds flavour and provides the yellowish colour to the rice.

Painting by Conrado Meseguer

Over the generations, seafood became an important ingredient, and fishermen continued with the ritual. Gathered around the pan with their families under the shade of their little docks after a hard day of work at the sea, they enjoyed paella much like the one we enjoy today.


Ibiza has many restaurants that are famous for its paellas, serving delicious fresh fish and seafood and keeping the tradition alive. Today, we recommend an accompanied by a refreshing jug of sangria for 2 people. Enjoy the sea views, right next to Platja de Ses Figueretes at the adorable Restaurante América.

Take a look at their menu with all the options of paellas and book your table, here.

Enjoy one of the most authentic flavours of Spain on the White Isle!

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