From island to island: Hana Restaurant & Café Concert

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From island to island: Hana Restaurant & Café Concert
Talking about new flavours in Ibiza, let me introduce you to Hana.

Who would say that Juan Dan and Sebastián Perel—best friends since childhood and experienced world citizens—are now business partners of this project that tastes like a fulfilled dream? Juan told us that after 8 years of work as one of the managers at Lío Ibiza, they went on vacation to Hawaii, and during the well-known “road to Hana”, they came up with the idea to “bring a little of Hana to Ibiza”.

Hana, known for the purity of its oxygen and its lush vegetation, matches the promise of the restaurant, which intends to be a breath of fresh air on the island, with a cosmopolitan touch. And they’re serious: just walk into the restaurant, and you’ll see a nice moss wall completing the chic and elegant decor of the room.

Music and entertainment are one of the main highlights of the proposal, bringing new artists every Friday and Saturday. The show starts with the dinner: the burlesque dancers bring their spices to warm up the audience, but then the party continues at the backroom, inspired by the “speakeasy” famous clandestine bars in New York.

Every Thursday night they offer “all the sushi you can eat“, followed by a spectacle in the purest cabaret style. The Sushiman varies (they have brought special guests from London and other cities) and the menu has a fixed price of 30€ (drinks apart), with the show included.

The menu honours the Mediterranean cuisine, with Japanese and Peruvian influences, giving a more contemporary flavour to each dish. A good example is the “steak with mint ice cream topping” which they elaborate, hoping to pleasantly surprise the palates. Another dish that stands out is the homemade truffle-pasta, served on the Pecorino wheel cheese, at the best Italian way.

Hana is located in the heart of the city, two blocks from the port. It is open from 6 pm, so you can enjoy an aperitif after office, or arrive for dinner time. We recommend, in that case, to make a reservation in advance.

Considering that it has affordable prices and offers a lot (quality-variety-entertainment) it is a great opportunity to go out and discover something new and exciting.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

Carrer de Carles III, 21, Ibiza.

871 11 22 88


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