How a yoga and meditation class could change your holiday (and whole life) in Ibiza

Connect with your higher self

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How a yoga and meditation class could change your holiday (and whole life) in Ibiza
16 years ago, Tomas Gomez traveled to Nepal looking for a big mountain to climb. However, faith had other plans for him and his trip took a change of direction, bringing him to the sacred city of Varanasi, India. There, he was faced the highest mountain he was yet to encounter: self-knowledge.


His story could be the perfect plot for a movie. He was a pragmatic man who studied Social Work and enjoyed hiking around the world. During a holiday, his route changed and, together with a friend, they decided to visit Varanasi.

Varanasi, India

Walking around the town, a stranger stopped him and suggested—while pointing to a door—“you should try doing yoga here. The teacher has a big heart”. At first, Gomez ignored the stranger but the following day as he walked down the same street he stumbled upon the man who insisted again that he check it out. This time, thinking he had nothing to lose, he went inside. He remembers having such a resistance against meditating and listening to his body that many times he thought about quitting. But he stayed, mostly out of respect.

However, when the class was over and he stepped through the door of the building into the nearby alley and sensed that his life had changed completely. Suddenly filled with the sensations of love and inner peace, he felt complete and realized that this new feeling was something that would stay with him forever.

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After that journey, Tomas came back to Ibiza and studied Kundalini for 4 years. His graduation trip would take him back to India. This time, he stayed in Rishikesh – the world capital of yoga- for 2 years, found his guru and learned Ashtanga, Hatha, and different meditation techniques. His bond with India is so strong that every year he goes back to continue to nurture and perfect his training.

Tomas guiding a private session

His goal is to share his knowledge with others, to help his students find the way to a better life, focusing on a more conscious relationship with their bodies and emotions. Practicing yoga is something we all should do, or at least, try. And knowing the teacher’s experiences is key to understanding what can you learn about yourself through the practice.

You never know when yoga will knock on your door, but you should know Ibiza is a magical place for it. It’s nature, it’s magnetic energy and all the healing vibes of the spiritual people who live here make it a special spot on Earth to leave the fears behind, open the heart and connect with your higher self.

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