Hypnobirthing: experiencing the labour from a spiritual perspective

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Hypnobirthing: experiencing the labour from a spiritual perspective
From painful to orgasmic births, there is a whole fascinating world that very few pregnant women know.

Agustina has been living in Ibiza for 15 years. Born in Uruguay, she arrived at the island on a 1st of January with her partner and her 3-year-old daughter. She worked as a family constellation therapist, and at that time she did not imagine that she would end up guiding hypnobirthing courses, but after her own hypnobirthing experience, she felt such a change in her life that she knew that she wanted to share it with all the women she could.

Agustina Algorta, hypnobirthing practitioner

Her first labour birth was in Madrid and by the cesarean method. As she had no expectations—because she did not know the possibility of having a wonderful birth—or much information about the procedure of major surgery, she accepted what the doctors said, and as she was only 23 years old, the recovery was fast. Her second labour was vaginal, here in Can misses, and everything went well, but it was a 12-hour birth, very painful and intense.

During the third pregnancy, she met Lucy, an English midwife who introduced her into the hypnobirthing, and it was like love at first sight. Lucy gave her the course and Agustina was translating everything at the moment to her husband. This time, she was so prepared that she went from an everlasting and suffering birth to a very conscious delivery of only 2 hours, which happened so fast that it did not give Lucy enough time to arrive. Her husband was her ‘doula’, and by the time Lucy arrived, Ágata was happily born in their home.

Here is a video of wonderful home birth that I found doing some research:

After she gave birth in such good conditions (the double birth of her baby and the placenta, something that does not appears in the movies, but everyone should know), she started helping other mothers, and what started as an assistance, ended up being her full-time job (plus being the mother of 4).

Agustina explains to me: we are told that we need a lot of things as if we were not able to do it naturally, and in reality, when a woman gives birth to a baby is the most powerful moment in her whole life. Childbirth is the gateway to life. It’s probably the most intense spiritual journey we can make. Especially if the birth is not intervened, and we let the physiology do the chemistry that our body needs.


If a woman is left alone, if she is respected, cared for, and the natural process is allowed, everything works fine—of course, we are talking about a healthy pregnant woman, with a healthy baby, there are different cases that could not be done without an intervention—. But, to give us a better idea, at The Farm Midwifery Center which attends births for more than 40 years, the statistics are overwhelming: 95% of the childbirths they attend per year are natural and successful, and only a 2% end up in Caesarian.

This does not try to be any kind of apology, but a source of information, so each woman can decide how she wants to give birth. Thanks to hospitals and clinics that many childbirths that had not been possible before, today they are.

But, what the hypnobirthing offers is a much relaxed and conscious experience. Through meditation techniques and breathing exercises, plus plenty of information about childbirth that helps the mother not to be afraid of this natural process of life, she and her partner gain a lot of confidence to welcome their new family member to the world.

If you want more information about the courses offered by Agustina in Ibiza, you can contact her calling at 620 34 77 61.

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