Ibiza’s infamous balcony falls: the story behind this deadly act

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Ibiza’s infamous balcony falls: the story behind this deadly act
We all know of the typical tourist who makes their way to the Balearic Islands with the idea of an “epic” vacation in mind. These -we’re generalizing here- youngsters, tend to feel free and ready to have the time of their lives especially by trying new things like… jumping off of balconies! But, what’s the limit to these life threatening endeavors and what can we do to prevent the loss of life that happens on our island?


Only this year, 4 deaths related to balcony falls or “balconing”, as Spanish people refer to it, have taken place in the Balearic Islands. No matter how much alcohol you drink or drugs you take, the idea of plunging from a high balcony shouldn’t even cross your mind. While the adrenaline high and the funny anecdote for your friends back home might make this crazy act seem worth it, the very fact that you most likely won’t be alive to share it should give you some pause.

It’s sad to see how many beautiful lives are ruined after each accident: not only the victims but the families, the friends and the locals that are increasingly more worried to see how the numbers of these cases grow each year.

Natalie McCormack and Tom Hughes both fell to their deaths. Source: dailystar.co.uk

On 3rd of June Tom Hughes, 20, died at an apartment block in Magaluf, Mallorca. On 27th of April, Natalie Cormack died at the same spot. Jack Davies, 22, was badly hurt after a 30 ft fall from the Pino Verde apartments in the resort in June, too. On 18th of July, A 41-year-old woman plunged from a second-floor balcony in Ibiza and was seriously injured, and that same week 3 other guys fell from different balconies in Sant Antoni. On 19th July, Enfield Labour councillor Tolga Aramaz, 23, was taken to intensive care shortly after plunging from a second-floor apartment block in Ibiza.


The list is longer than you can imagine, and the British and Spanish authorities are very concerned about it. That’s why they’ve launched a specific campaign against “balconing” to prevent more tragic losses.

Please, take care of yourself and your loved ones, and have fun in a safe way. If you like jumping, it’s fine, just head to the sea! Go hiking or go diving- an endless fountain of adrenaline is available in Ibiza and you don’t have to jump off of a hotel balcony to access it. With all the options Ibiza has to explore, there’s no sense in risking your life for a joke.


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