Inspiring and vibrant: check out the new exhibition at P | Art Ibiza

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Inspiring and vibrant: check out the new exhibition at P | Art Ibiza

Last Friday, one of the most recognized art galleries on the island premiered it’s most revolutionary exhibition to date: Cracked. Five amazing artists have gotten together to break stereotypes and talk about the modern world we’re living in. Check it out!

P | Art Ibiza welcomes all art lovers to enjoy the new exhibition, which will be open for the entire summer until September 21. Patrizia, the creative director and owner of the gallery, explained that she chose these 5 artists who represent “an internal movement of art that is changing in the form of colours that break and divide the stereotypes to return something visible.” These painters, photographers, sculptors and graphic designers, “drink from a new art that is a little reckless and represents a vision in the movement making direct references to the rapid flows of the current world”.

Artwork by René Mäkelä

You will enjoy the impressive works of Xooang Choi, a Korean artist who creates an interesting and disturbing realistic visual effect with a flesh colour achieved in marble, intended to show his concerns about the human condition in society; René Mäkelä, a famous contemporary pop artist whose colourful paintings and portraits are hanging in mansions of the most important celebrities in the world, such as the football star Cam Newton or the supermodel Cara Delevigne; Léo Caillard, who reinterprets classical sculptures through a disruptive eye; Eduardo Romaguera, who presents his series “City”, showing the high-speed evolution of the concrete jungle; and Andoni Beristain, an interesting pop artist that expresses himself through a tsunami of colours, humour and intelligence.

Artwork by Léo Caillard

Without a doubt, these provocative and stylish artworks will make you feel excited, inspired and reflective about our lives and the future of our civilization. And, it’s ust a 10 minute ride from the centre, on the way to Santa Gertrudis and Santa Eularia. Bring a little more colour to your days in Ibiza, don’t miss it!


Address: Ctra. Ibiza a Santa Eulalia – Ca Na Negreta, 299 (07819) Ibiza

Website: partibiza.com
Tel: (+34) 971 192 713

Featured image: artwork by Xooang Choi.

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