Lío goes to London

Is it a restaurant? Is it a club? Is it a cabaret? It’s Lío… And it’s flying to London.

For 6 weeks only, from 21st February until 30th March 2019, you can enjoy a spectacular night out of conventionalities and full of music, sensuality, and flavours, framed by the glamorous nightlife of London.

As soon as you get inside, you can feel the magic in the air. Elegant, provocative, mysterious… The artists are more than outstanding and ready to leave you breathless. They sing heavenly, they dance like the devil, they make you smile, laugh, and wonder… Prepare for a delightful journey, where all your cravings will be satisfied.

From urban and R&B sexy tempos to classy house vibes, feel the electrifying energy emanating from the stage as the night goes on. Each moment is precious, and each dish has something unique. There is no place for boredom inside, and nothing you can do except surrender to the magical experience.

If you are in London or you are planning to go for a few days, have in mind that they will also bring the HOUSEKEEPING crew on 23rd February for a special party the next day after the inauguration. Marcelo Mielle, Badin Brothers and William Noble will bring the hottest house beats from Ibiza to London.

Follow the feathers… It’s showtime!

Victoria House Bloomsbury Square London, WC1B 4DA.