Vinyl: without any doubt, we have found the best burgers in Ibiza

The essential ingredient they use in all their recipes... is LOVE


Vinyl: without any doubt, we have found the best burgers in Ibiza
Today, Secret Ibiza shares with you a delicious and irresistible fact: we know where the best gourmet burgers on the island are, and we can’t eat all of them alone, so it won’t be a secret anymore…

After a few days of intense research, we finally arrived at Vinyl Burger Ibiza. Xavi, one of its happy owners, welcomed us with a huge smile of those you can’t resist. In the background sounds a reggae song, and as we walk along the terrace, the aroma of the kitchen indicates us the way… And we’re definitely going with the flow!

Vinyl Burger Ibiza is located in a key area, 10 minutes from the center, and 5 minutes from the beach, the nightclubs… and the airport! Be it your first or last stop in Ibiza (or both), you will be happy to know that the kitchen is always open, from 12 to 12 hours, and even until 1 am in summer. This means that you can go to the beach or dance at Ushuaïa or Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza like crazy, and at a glimpse, you can be in Vinyl and boost your energy to return to your optimal state of being before crashing the bed. Besides the food, the music is always on as it is their biggest inspiration. From reggae to chill, indie, pop, funk and rock n’ roll… They enjoy sharing their passions with all.

Xavi told us that together with Pablo—his partner and friend—they opened the restaurant back in August 2002. It is located in an old pagès house built on the 30s, so they had to refurbish it a lot to make it look like it does today. Even though all the neighbours and locals believed that the idea was totally crazy, they bet everything for their dream, and they made it happen. Colourful, cheerful and authentic, it’s perfect if you like good food and cool places. Plus, they do everything homemade. All of it! From burgers and fries to salads and desserts. And they also have vegan and vegetarian options, so no one stays out of the plan.

The artisan beers are another hit, as they bring them from all over the world and boast an incredible variety. However, Manu, his bartender, gave us to try a “Mango Mojito” made with homemade jam—cooked with Stevia instead of sugar to keep it tasty and healthy—and after it, we couldn’t change to anything else because the cocktail was absolutely delicious.


So, if you don’t want to resist the temptation anymore, you can get your ticket to savour one of their amazing cocktails, clicking here. 

And if you want to try their delicious gourmet burgers on a special menu with all included, click here.

Enjoy and pamper all your cravings!

AddressCarretera de l’Aeroport, 31, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Illes Balears

Featured image: Eugenio Toribio Moreno


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