Who are the last and first babies of the year born in Ibiza


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Who are the last and first babies of the year born in Ibiza
Keeping the tradition alive, let’s give a warm and happy welcome to the new Ibizan babies.

The first baby of 2019 was born in Can misses at 2.14 pm yesterday. Her name is Mía Marí Yamakawa, the first daughter of the family formed by the Ibizan Josep and the Japanese Totomi. And the last baby of 2018 is Leona Valentina Torán, also the first daughter of Néstor Rodriguez and Claudia Torán, both from Madrid. The beautiful Leona was born at 5.35 pm on December 31, 6 hours before the bells rang.

Claudia, Leona, and Néstor

The parents of Mía didn’t want to pose for the traditional photo of the first baby of the year, however, for Claudia and Nestor was a joy to share this moment. They said that the birth was perfect, and Leona Valentina was born in record time. They arrived at the hospital at 3.30 pm and two hours later, she was already in her parents’ arms. Everybody was delighted with how simple and beautiful the labour was.

Claudia arrived in Can misses without breaking water and Leona was born with the amniotic bag intact, something quite special in childbirths. “We can’t stop looking at her. Last night we slept a little, but I’m phenomenal. It’s been a wonderful experience” she said to the journalist Eugenio Rodríguez of Diario de Ibiza.

To prepare for this unique moment in their lives, Claudia and Néstor took Hypnobirth classes, where they learned different breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. This gave them a deeper awareness of the situation and more confidence to process the labour.

Catalina, the first baby born in The Balearics Islands, in Majorca

The first babies of the year in the Balearic Islands are Catalina and Tomeu. They were born in the Polyclinic Juaneda Miramar, in Majorca, and in the public hospital of Manacor. Catalina was born half an hour after midnight, and Tomeu an hour later.


We wish all the best to these happy families and send our love to the newest humans on the islands!


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