Why the sunsets are so special in Ibiza

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Why the sunsets are so special in Ibiza
We can talk about the parties, the beaches, the people… But nothing beats the magic of Ibiza’s sunsets.

The Sun disappears below the horizon as the Earth rotates in the universe. Another day ends, and a new night begins. Normally, after a hard day’s work, the sunset announces that is time to take a break. The day is over and we can finally, chill. But, in Ibiza, most of the people are on holidays or working in nightclubs, so this rule doesn’t apply here, and the feeling is more like an awakening, followed by a challenging “let’s see what adventures await for me”.

Venerating the Sun has always been a part of our cultures, but on the island, this ancient ritual is still trendy (and it always will be). Restaurants, yoga retreats, songs, albums, fashion brands… Many have used the Ibiza’s sunsets as inspiration. And the truth is, they never cease to amaze the Ibizan people—”los de toda la vida”—, they are still touched by each sunset as if it would be the first one they see. They celebrate them; they give them enough time on their fully-booked agendas; they share them with their friends, their family, their lovers…

And you can see that they feel this connection in a very deep and intimate place. They love their island, their nature. They walk barefoot on it and climb up its rocks just like the lizards or the sea water, because they know that the adventure has its reward: that very moment when the day and the night kiss.

But, why don’t we get tired of it, and why is it so beneficial for ourselves? There are may answers. Chemically, psychologically, socially… And spiritually—this is what I feel—, when we look at the sun, we’re seeing our first home, our stellar beginning inside this mysterious universe.

We’re looking at this massive fireball floating in the universe, giving us the light and warmth we need to exist, the biggest picture is in front of us. Then, all the thoughts and concerns fade out as we immerse ourselves in this spectacular “we are all made of stars” moment. We are no longer human, we are so much more… What we were worried about, how we felt before, it doesn’t matter anymore. Now, we are one with the entire universe. We are everything and nothing at the same time. And how beautiful and fulfilling is this realisation, especially these days in which our egos are usually in command.



We’re lucky to be able to enjoy these eternal, golden horizons. We’re lucky to have the possibility to feel this kind of connection with our higher levels of consciousness in such a natural and effortless way. The same power that keeps that Sun burning is the same power that makes us wake up every day. The force of life is everywhere, we just need to pay a little more attention to it, and feel it flowing, inside and all around us. This is the mystical energy that keeps our hearts wide open and makes Ibiza a very special place on Earth.

And, if you like, toast to the sun and celebrate it however you prefer. Just remember (please, please, please!) to leave the spot you choose to enjoy the sunset in the exact same way that you found it—or better, better is always a good idea.


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