Yellow warning today in Ibiza and Formentera

Mavi Iglesias Mavi Iglesias

Yellow warning today in Ibiza and Formentera
The AEMET has activated a weather warning for today from 5 pm to 9 pm on the islands due to a coastal phenomenon.

The State Meteorological Agency has activated the yellow warning on the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera due to the strong winds that could reach a force 7 coming from the Southwest.

The alert is not limited to the Balearic Islands, but the entire country will be affected. 44 provinces throughout Spain (except Girona, Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellón, Valencia, the autonomous city of Melilla and the Canary Islands) are also under yellow or orange warnings for rain, snowfall, wind or coastal phenomena, declared the AEMET.

However, the meteorological phenomenon that will affect a greater number of provinces will be the wind, as it will speed up to 90 kilometres per hour, activating the yellow warning for the provinces of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, y La Rioja, Álava, Aragon, Lleida, Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Andalusia, Murcia, Navarra, and the autonomous city of Ceuta.

Now that you know, remember that you can always use the wind in your favour—which is physical fact besides a popular phrase, so there’s no doubt about it—. Think about it. Maybe you can feel the Earth moving, and it makes you want to move, too. Flow with the forces of nature (wearing a coat and a scarf is a plus).


After all, the fresh air is always a blessing, and you know that feeling of the wind in the face…

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